Marc & Victoria // Baby Mulder is on the way!

I can’t even explain how excited I am over these photos! Its always so much fun
shooting special memories for friends —  but this one means so much more!
Victoria and I were literally in the nursery together at our church since we were
babies and we’ve been such close friends through-out all these years.
We’ve been there for each other through-out engagements and weddings,
but we’ve also journeyed through years of waiting together, both of us 
praying to hold sweet babies in our arms! Back at the end of December, Tyler and
I were praising God for His good gift to us when we found out we were finally
expecting after 5 years and awhile back we were overwhelmed by God’s
goodness once again when Marc & Victoria surprised us with the news that they
also were expecting! How amazing is that?! God is SO good. He provides
faithfully each day, month and year, what we stand in need of to get through
the difficult days and we know He hears our prayers. We are SO excited 
to continue on our journey together as friends as we all enter into this 
season of parenthood together later this year!

Enjoy some sweet photos I snapped of these two {& their pup}
in Unionville last weekend. 


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Photography by hilary & tyler  ||  designed by hilary